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July 31, 2014

Row 34, Boston

Family dinners are my favorite, especially when we go out to eat. We recently tried this place in the Seaport District called Row 34.

Our table wasn’t ready when we arrived, so we walked around for a bit. And I got to play tourist.


Despite having grown up around Boston, I’ve never really experienced the city. So this summer I’ve been taking every chance I can to play tourist. 


Recreate this look:
It didn’t take too long for us to be called back to the restaurant. As starving as we were, we hurried back as fast as we could.


The best way that I can describe being in Row 34 would be like being in a modern warehouse turned diner .
The decor and everything definitely had a modern feel. Sleek lines, lots of black, white, and grays.
But the kitchen was similar to a diner set up. The chef called out orders to the staff in the kitchen and passed them through just like the would if you were at a old school diner.



The coasters had cute little sayings on them.
We were seated right next to the wine fridge, so we got to check out all the labels before making our selections.
We sipped on some dranks and put in an appetizer of calamari (our family’s usual go to appetizer) and fried oysters.
My mom didn’t like the first beer she ordered. They were kind enough to let her sample some other flavors before she ordered another. 
BTW, they brew their own beers… Momma was craving a Sam Adams Summer and was so disappointed that they didn’t have it – but she forgot all about it by the time her second beer selection rolled around.


 Fried calamari, before it was devoured. 
Fried oysters, on a bed of french fries. 
This plate literally didn’t last two minutes at the table before it was gone.
We checked out the menus, but somehow we all ended up ordering the same thing.
Lobster rolls.



Since we’d devoured our appetizers within minutes of them arriving. We sat around moping until the food arrived. Look at all those hungry faces…
We didn’t have to wait too long….
Before we were presented with this:



Ethel’s Creamy Lobster Roll 



Warm Buttered Lobster Roll
Like I said, we all ordered lobster rolls.
My Dad and I got the classic Ethel’s Lobster Roll, while my Mom and my sister Maya went with the warm buttered lobster roll. 
If I had to pick a favorite, I would hands down pick the warm buttered lobster roll. I had a bite of my Mom’s and was begging her to switch with me. 
She didn’t.
That’s okay. As you can tell, I still enjoyed mine.
When dinner was over we went straight to dessert. My parents skipped out, but Maya and I ordered a fried peach pie to split.
 It arrived very quickly and came with a vanilla cream sauce.
 It was piping hot when we cut it open. It even sizzled when I poured the cream sauce on top!
Just look at how delicious that looks.  
Don’t believe me?
 Here’s your proof: I practically licked my plate clean.
Overall, dinner at Row 34 was yummy and a lot of fun, but a bit pricey. They call themselves the “workingman’s oyster bar” but let’s just say that if my parent’s didn’t pay for dinner, I would not be able to afford it myself (especially as a poor college student).
Honestly, you can find a lobster roll combo that’s just as good somewhere else like in Faneuil Hall in downtown Boston for much, much cheaper. So don’t order that unless you’ve got some extra cash burning a hole in your pocket. They do offer a dish called the Shellfish Tower that has an assortment of seafood (oysters, clams, etc) for around 80 bucks. If you go with a group and split the check it could definitely be worth it.
Visit the Row 34 website here
Be sure to let me know if you go for a visit, and what you think!
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July 14, 2014

Rox Diner, Newton

So after my Dad’s birthday party my cousins Marley and Rachel slept over. It was just like old times. We woke up the next morning afternoon so worn out; the house and kitchen was a mess and we were exhausted… so we did what any reasonable person would do: went out in search for food.

Originally, I wanted to go to McKenna’s to get some granola french toast. But I guess they were closed for the 4th of July holiday weekend.
My cousin Rachel mentioned something about Rox Diner and I was desperate to eat anywhere that wasn’t iHop, so off we went.
When Rachel mentioned Rox Diner, she said that it was always busy and there was always a line down the block. Obviously that’s a good thing – that means the food is good. But sometimes if a restaurant is busy you feel rushed through your meal so that they can serve everyone else that’s waiting.
Thank the Lord when we got there it wasn’t crowded. At this point I was starving and ready to eat leftover birthday cake right out of the pan.
The first thing that I can tell you about Rox Diner is that its small. Like really small. The entire restaurant probably seats about 35 people. When we got there a booth opened up and we sat down famished and ready to eat.
The place is really simple. The decor was super cute; I would definitely decorate my own kitchen with some of the stuff they had in there. The atmosphere was very laid back – which is perfect for a lazy sunday.
First we ordered drinks. Orange juice and lemonade for the girls, and a mimosa for me. Then we got to looking at the menu.
We spend Brunch chatting about the party and gossiping about our family. Rachel just graduated high school and is heading off to college in a few months so we grilled her about that.
It was so great to catch up with my girls. I wish my sister Maya could’ve joined us – the whole crew would’ve been together again. But she’s been busy working away at her fancy internship. She has her final presentation coming up so we’ll probably go out to celebrate at least once before we all go our seperate ways in September.
Our food was out quickly! Which was awesome because we was already starved.
I ordered an omelette with bacon, cheese, onions, tomatoes and spinach. The combo comes with home fries and a side of buttered toast. 
I wasn’t too crazy about the home fries. But the omelette was to die for. Cooked to perfection. I’m drooling just thinking of it now. 
Rachel ordered the same combo, but chose just bacon and cheese for her omelette.
We both got sides of french toast.
Marley got a scrambled eggs with cheese combo. Hers came with bacon, sausage, home fries, buttered toast and pancakes.
Marley’s pancakes tasted exactly how her Mom makes them. They were sooo good.
Finally we’d cleared our plates and were all talked out. We were in a food coma and decided it was time to head back home.
We spent the rest of Sunday lounging on the couch, watching True Blood and eating leftover party food.
The prefect end to a perfect weekend.
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May 25, 2014

Brunchin’ – McKenna’s Cafe

Last Sunday, my little sister and I went out to brunch at one of my favorite little restaurants.
McKenna’s Cafe.

Sunday I woke up feeling awful. It was a terrible allergy day for me (Thank you, Pollen Vortex), but it was also a beautiful day out and my only day off for the week and I didn’t want to waste it indoors. So Maya and I hopped into my car and headed out to brunch and to run errands together.
I first heard about McKenna’s Cafe from my friend Marlene last year. I’d probably never heard of it before because it’s in Dorchester and at the time I hadn’t really ventured much outside of my little ol’ town. But now, I’ve got the whip (my blue Honda!) and I’m free like a bird to go where the wind take me, baby!
McKenna’s Cafe is about a 20 minute drive from my house, but we ran into some traffic on the way there. No problem for us – we used that time to have an Ariana Grande jam session.
We got there a little after 12:30pm. We ended up having to wait about 15-20 minutes to be seated, but we occupied our time chatting and admiring the place.
We we’re so exited to be seated! Especially after watching everyone else getting their food from the sidelines. Since we were sitting so close to another group I didn’t wanna whip out my big, chunky DSLR and make our table-neighbors feel uncomfortable, so I stuck to taking pics from my iPhone.
Maya says she loves this picture of me because I look like a chipmunk.
I don’t care if it’s called Brunch… Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and I will eat it anytime, anywhere. So when we finally ate at 1pm, that’s just what we ordered.
Our mouths were watering when the food came. I had to fight with Maya to get these pictures because we were so staving and ready to dig in!
We both settled on the Sydney Special. I got mine with two eggs over medium, bacon, and buttered whole wheat toast.
Maya got hers with scrambled eggs with cheese, and an english muffin.
Maya also got a side of french toast!
Granola Crusted French Toast topped with fresh strawberries
This. Right. Here. = Perfection.
I have to shout out my waitress Sarah for recommending this to me. It’s regular french toast crusted with a blend granola and cereal. Crunchy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside.
I’m pretty sure I died and went to heaven.
At the end of it, we were STUFFED!
I wouldn’t recommend McKenna’s for a group larger than 4 people, because seating is really tight. If waiting around is not your thing or you don’t feel like dining in.. they also offer take-out as well!
If you live in the area, you can run and grab some and head home to lounge and stuff your face in the privacy of your own home. Or if it’s a nice day out and you want to make an afternoon of it, you can grab takeout and have a picnic in one of the nearby parks. McConnell Park and Savin Hill Park are both less than a 10 minute drive from the restaurant!
I snuck a picture of the chalk artwork right.
We left at the speed of snails because we were so full from our delicious meal. If we didn’t have errands to run, I’m sure we would’ve stuck around to explore the area some more, but we had responsibilities to attend to….
Like taking outfit of the day pictures. These shots were taken at my cousin Belony’s house when we stopped by for a quick visit.
Details for Maya’s Outfit
Shoes: Charlotte Russe
Jewelry: Forever 21
Shorts + Shirt: TJMAXX
Sunnies: Issac Mizrhi
Lipstick: Ruby Woo by Mac
Details for my outfit:
Top: H&M
Shorts: Old Navy
Tan Strappy Sandals: ShoeDazzle
Necklace: Old Navy
Sunnies: Target
Tote: JustFab
Want to recreate Maya’s look?
Want to recreate my look?
We were so exhausted by the end of the day! But we definitely had lots of fun running around and spending time together. We even made banana bread when we got home! I’m gonna miss my little sissy when she leaves for college, but I’m glad to have the chance to make these awesome memories with her this summer before she goes.
If you’re feeling like having breakfast or lunch or brunch any day of the week, head over to McKenna’s at 109 Savin Hill Ave Dorchester, Ma 02125. Or you can call them for takeout at (617)-825-8218. You won’t regret it!
Thanks for reading.
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April 27, 2014

Boston Marathon 2014

Hey there!
I thought that I would write about an amazing volunteering experience that I had this past week.
Last monday, my co-ed community service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega volunteered at the Boston Marathon.

The Boston Marathon has been a long standing service project for our chapter, and due to the unfortunate events that occurred during last years marathon, we didn’t know if we would be able to volunteer again this year. This however was not the case and over 30 of our Brothers were able to participate. It was honestly a very special opportunity, especially since this year they had to turn away volunteers since there were so many that applied!
As a new Brother, this was my first time volunteering at the race, and I was so excited. I had to be up at the start area by 6:30 in the morning, so it was quite an early start for me. I was placed in the Athlete’s Village and we were responsible for picking up donated clothing for the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Boston.
Volunteering is one of my favorite things to do and this service project provided us with an awesome opportunity to hang out with some of the runners. I actually got to spend some time with a few and hearing their stories was so amazing. There was 36, 000 runners who participated in the race this year, the second largest race in the history of the marathon. They all had to pass through the Athlete’s Village before heading to the stat corrals.
A few shots of some of the runners in the Athlete’s Village:


Me + My APO Brothers
Outfit details (in case you were wondering): I wore my black Nike Free Runs, Yoga Pants, a T-Shirt with my fraternity letters, a jean jacket type cardigan underneath the blue 2014 Marathon Adidas windbreakers that were gifted to all the volunteers by the Boston Athletic Association. I also rocked a purple fanny pack as no bags were allowed. In the morning it was really cold but it warmed up later on in the day so I wanted to make sure that I had lots of layers on just in case.
My Big Cindy + Me
My best friend + APO Brother Jazmine!
My APO Brothers
Serving Others With My Brothers <3
Together with a bunch of other volunteers we were able to collected 11 trucks worth of donated clothing for the Boys & Girls Club.
Overall it was a long, hard, tiring, but wonderful and rewarding day. I can’t wait to go back again next year!


Thanks for reading.
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