Ice Castles, NH

Winter is over and spring is “here”… But you would never have guessed it based on the few inches of snow that got dumped on us over the past few days. Before the weather warms up and spring actually arrives in the northeast, I wanted to share one of my favorite

Esperanza Soap – #SoapIsHope

Esperanza Soap is my new obsession. #SoapIsHope First let me give you a little bit of background on the soap! It’s all natural and hand-crafted. It comes in several different scents/flavors. *Image curtsey of Upward Ventures! I personally had the opportunity to try the Cocoa Mint Flavor. This flavor is a

Riviera Maya, Day 3 & 4

As I type this, I am laying in my bed cuddled up with my fuzzy blanket and wishing it were 95 degrees again… and that I could lay out by the pool again in Riviera Maya.   That’s where I spent most of Day Three. After a quick stop at

Riviera Maya, Day 1 & 2

This past weekend the ground was covered in a fine coat of snow. The other day it rained cats and dogs. I had to pull on my rain boots and rain coat before sloshing through campus to go to my discussion. Today, I shed tears while walking to class bundled

21 Candles

I’M FINALLY 21!       Thank you to everyone who made my 21st birthday so special to me. I am so incredibly thankful to have been blessed with another year of life to keep on living and loving.       Birthday Mani-Pedi’s with my cousin Marley.   A